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When you work with Futurist Jim Carroll, you get more than a keynote.
You get deep research, practical insight and actionable strategies.
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Jim knows it's your event, not his

Let's start with this simple fact: Jim knows that it's your event. He is there to share his insight in a way that is relevant for your leadership team or audience. Jim prepares his keynote or talk with that fact first and foremost in his mind.

Jim brings relevant experience and a long track record to the table

With 33 years of providing opening and closing keynotes, Jim has become globally recognized for his effort to go above and beyond in providing you insight that is extensively researched, carefully crafted to your requirements, and delivered in the compelling motivational style for which he is known worldwide.

Deep insight is embedded in Jim's leadership DNA

Jim's insight is based on proven research and facts. His sophisticated trends tracking and research system regularly scans dozens of rapidly emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, digital twin technology, advanced genomics, material science, and more than 100+ other topics.

01. First Step

A pre-booking exploratory call

While exploring your speaker options, you will want to carefully assess which ones will actually customize to your event requirements. Jim encourages you to call him directly - he's at +1.214.473.4850 - to discuss your requirements. (Most people end up booking him after this call, because they learn he truly cares about their event.)

02. Let's Talk Some More

Post-contract consultation

Once you've contracted for Jim's keynote, he will line up a call or video conference with you and your team to discuss your event goals and objectives, key topics and issues that need to be addressed, and what you need Jim to focus on in his talk.
If necessary, at your direction, Jim will connect with several of your key leadership team members in order to get their thoughts and insight on what additional issues he needs to address in his keynote. This will also help to inform him as to the unique dynamics at work within your organization.

03. Jim Does His 'Thing'

Preparing the presentation via a sophisticated research service

Jim uses this consultation to begin his initial research. He will access key articles, research papers and more from Dow Jones Factiva, the world's largest and most sophisticated deep research service. He'll often access upwards of 1,000 articles and reports specific to your industry and the topic at hand. Having used this tool for over 25 yrs, he can quickly find the unique information he needs for your event.Jim invests a significant amount of time reviewing the incredibly rich research set that he has created. At this point, Jim is ready to pull together a draft slide deck, utilizing the statistics, quotes, trends, and other information accessed through his research tools, and through his discussions with you. He enhances this with the insight garnered through over 33 years of keynote experience in more than 2,000 events for more than 2 million people.

04. Let's Review

Schedule a content review
(or two or three)

Jim reviews the presentation with you before your event, through a video conference, for a high level walkthrough. He will use this as an opportunity to identify and address any content or topics that needs to be added or removed, understand potential sensitive areas of discussion, and understand what additional research might need to be done.

05. He Works With Your Event Team

Keeping everyone calm is his goal!

Jim will coordinate with your event team in term of timing, logistics, arrival, tech requirements and more. Not only that - he'll show up early for your event, making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

06. Jim Delivers!

A compelling, information rich keynote with a motivational style!

Jim's website tag line reads:I help CEOs, senior executives, and association leaders achieve their strategic objectives by aligning them to a disruptive, accelerating future. It’s actionable, powerful leadership insight based on detailed, specific industry trends – delivered within a fast-paced keynote with a compelling motivational style!That's what Jim will deliver on stage at your event!


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